Friday, 9 December 2016

Follow Friday Helper

Hi guys.

Being a lazy twat, but wanting to ensure that the love is suitably spread around, I've decided to make a Follow Friday helper page. I'll detail below who are some really good people to follow. Where people have special interests, I'll try to say something about them.

As I've copied all these links from my following page, they've gone on in the order they came up, working from the bottom.

Phil Plait writes the Bad Astronomer blog for Slate magazine, writing about physics and other items of interest.

S©ience H⊙⊙ker writes about all sorts, from sex work to astronomy.

Dr.Pteiradactyl geologist.

Dr Yana Weinstein-Jones psychologist specialising in education research and star of an earlier post. The reification of the dictum 'question everything'. Expect to have your opinions challenged robustly. Co-founder of Learning Scientists.

Steven R Shaw psychologist dealing in applied psychology in schools and children.

Pink Heretic what it says on the tin.

Dean Martin no, not that Dean Martin. This one is considerably more sober. Science advocate good for counter-apologetics.

David Didau tweets and writes on education. 

Kate Bevan tech journalist, property of Daphne. Amusing rants and #powerpointsoftwitter.

Simon Paige counter-apologist gobshite. One of the good guys.

Pinky Slivotitz Sexy sceptic. 

Doc Science counter-apologist and debunker of shoddy science.

Nikki A truly exceptional woman. Smart, strong and gorgeous. Talk shit and she'll fuck you up.

Plain ol' Prof Plum medical doctor, author and academic. Great counter-apologetics.

Lilli von Shtupp Survivor, singer, poet, artist. Half of Aquamarine Space Unicorns.

David Huijbens quality counter-apologetics.

Sideshow great counter-apologist.

Amadeus Almighty 'nuff said.

Atheist Girl Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Gσɳɳα Gσ Fσɾ Iƚ! Not to be trifled with. Knows your arguments better than you.

Jorge Santisteban More great counter-apologetics.

DuneMyThang Activist.

Mark E. Weston Ph.D. Yet another education scientist. Quality tweets about learning.

SciStrike Youtuber, counter-apologist and science advocate. Run away!!!

HUMANIST dark matter, physics and counter-apologetics.

For Arguments Sake probing questions that lead you by the nose. Counter-apologetics.

Krampus Kitty The Celts are coming! Will probably change her name again by next week...

Trent Quality counter-apologetics. Will kick your ass!

Theism Sucks Not much more need be said.