How We Know Things...

This will quite probably be the last entry of this blog. I'm not contemplating anything other than simply withdrawing from all public interaction of any sort.

Today, the internet showed me once again why we can't have nice things. One would think, in light of all experience, that I'd be immune, but it stung. In light of that, I'm going to save all future writing efforts to something more fruitful.

There was a time when evidence mattered. Many words have been expended on this topic hereabouts, but they seem to have found some deaf ears, even among those who purport to think critically. I have no intention of litigating rumours and lies any further.

To all those who've supported me, taught me, interacted with me and made this worthwhile - to the extent that it has been - thank you. I leave my thoughts here intact, but I won't be generating any further output for the foreseeable future.

Peace, out.

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